I’m not your mother.

But I can help you lead like one.

Building a professional organization is a series of small feats that has lasting impact. Who knows what decision, action or lapse will be the difference between thriving or barely surviving. Same goes for Mothers. They are the arbiter of a family’s aesthetic; the architects of the moral structure; the archivist of all things past, present and future. They’re sanctified if things turn out well. And vilified if they don’t.

Lead Like a Mother™ business management philosophy and advice forum applies the not-to- be-underestimated skills of motherhood to the day-to-day challenges of running a business or managing a team. It draws parallels from the triumphs of nurturing children to the competencies required to build and maintain a business – like establishing a culture and value system, teaching skills, modeling behavior, encouraging talent, and maintaining systems that incite and fuel growth. Whatever your ultimate goal, it’ll be an amazing journey. (Call us so we know you got there ok.)


Outlook Overhaul.

Cliché-crushing thoughts around life and leadership.

May 8th, 2018 | BlackStack Brewing, St. Paul, MN

Lynne hosted a riveting panel discussion starring Sue Hawkes of Chasing Perfection, and Nancy M. Dahl of Grounded, Leading Your Life with Intention.

Launch Event

October 23rd, 2017 | Dalton & Wade, Minneapolis, MN

Lynne introduced the philosophy behind Lead Like a Mother with her panelists Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand Officer & Communications Officer, Deluxe Corporation, Marissa Freeman, Chief Brand Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Lori Davis, President, Martin Williams.


In addition to her role as dreamer-upper and wisdom-bestower for Lead Like a Mother, Lynne is also the CEO/Owner of Fame, named TBWA’s fastest growing agency in 2010. In 2015 Lynne purchased Fame from TBWA/Omnicom to become sole proprietor. She has orchestrated hundreds of national campaigns for blue chip, retail and packaged goods marketers in all channels including Target, Dreamworks, IMG, General Mills and Time Warner. Prior to joining Fame, Robertson was VP/Management Supervisor at Campbell Mithun, where she also served as director of KidCom, one of the top three youth marketing agencies in the world. Her work has been recognized and awarded by Effie International, How International and the International Retail Design Institute. In 2011 she received the AdFed Silver award for her contributions to the Advertising industry, and has been named a Who’s Who in Shopper Marketing 3 years running. She was also tapped as a 2014 Women in Business Honoree by the MSP Business Journal, and featured as the Minneapolis Egotist’s June 2015 Madwoman of the Month.

She is a member of The Hub Braintrust, an honorary AdFed Board member and Vice President of the Twin Cities Retail Design Institute. She serves on numerous industry panels for leading marketers and trade associations like The Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Shopper Insights and The Path to Purchase Institute, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of retail design and measurement.