“Just ignore them,”and“Listen with your eyes.”

“Just ignore them,”and
“Listen with your eyes.”

These two nuggets come from my mother and my eldest son respectively. I was reminded of them recently when I sent out a Facebook request inquiring about tidbits from people’s mothers that have stuck with them over time. “Just ignore them,” was one of my mother’s...
One step at a time, andbeware the barbed wire.

One step at a time, and
beware the barbed wire.

As leaders we’re expected to be visionaries, focused on what’s ahead, building toward a bigger, better future – scaling the mountain to get to the peak. But peak scaling is impossible without all the incremental steps along the way. And tedious though they may be,...
First things first.

First things first.

At the Lead Like a Mother event last fall, the formidable Amanda Brinkman stopped me with something she said. She mentioned feeling like she is failing every day. Huhhh? C’monnnn. She’s AMANDA BRINKMAN. The woman who pioneered the Small Business Revolution, is raising...
The Three R’s.

The Three R’s.

Repression. I have a scrap of paper in my pencil drawer at the office. I’ve had it since I started at Fame. I don’t know the author, but I smile every time I look at it: “The efficacy of repression.” I remember putting it there to remind me that a little mental...
Deep cycle. The happy upside of a Disney-trip fail.

Deep cycle.
The happy upside
of a Disney-trip fail.

On our third, yes, third (long story) visit to the Magic Kingdom, I recall standing on Main Street waiting for that daily Disney pièce de résistance: the can’t-miss parade ritual. I mean, c’mon. Who doesn’t love a Disney parade? Look at all these people eagerly...